Brazilian series’ openings with naked women in it

Look what I’ve found — 3 openings of brazilian soap operas (telenovelas) with naked women in it. They are made in a beautiful and not offensive way. They celebrate women’s body: breasts, hips, bum, etc.

The first one is for the Globo series titled «Tieta» (196 episodes, 1989-1990). Tieta is a short name for Antonieta — the main character. The naked woman in this video is a brazilian actress Isadora Ribeiro. Amazing body in this controversial opening! The song (abertura) is performed by Luiz Caldas and is also titled «Tieta».

The second one is for the Globo series titled «Mulheres de Areia» (201 episodes, 1993). The opening features brazilian actress Mônica Carvalho and a song «Sexy Iemanjá» by Pepeu Gomes.

original opening:

censored opening with credits:

The third one is for the Globo series «Pedra sobre Pedra» (178 episodes, 1992) and features brazilian model Mônica Fraga. The song used in it is «Pedras que Cantam» by Fagner.

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