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Project Runway All Stars Season 6 who is the winner, finalists, all episodes summary

Project Runway All Stars is a reality tv-show about returning designers from previous Project Runway seasons competing for a cash prize of $100,000 and some other sh*t. The twist of the current season is that there are two types of contestants: designers who did only Project Runway and designers who did both Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars. Are you excited to see the same old faces AGAIN?

Project Runway All Stars 6 episodes summary

Episode 6 / Project Runway All Stars s06e06. Airdate: 02/08/2018


Episode 5 / Project Runway All Stars s06e05. Airdate: 02/01/2018

This week’s challenge is to create an elegant high-fashion look that celebrates woman’s inner superhero and also inspired by random selected Rodial skin products. Designers were given 150 dollars each to purchase fabrics in Mood and accessories from Intermix. The design by Fabio Costa which Anne Fulenwider called a «grandma dress» became the best (well, I think that Anthony Williams deserved to win with his white bubbly-ballony powerwoman dress). Amanda Valentine was eliminated because of her pink and shiny colorblocking mess. Guest judge: model Karolina Kurkova

Project Runway All Stars 2018 best and worst dress in episode 5

Episode 4 / Project Runway All Stars s06e04. Airdate: 01/25/2018

Challenge was to create a ball gown out of unconventional materials: play balls of different colors and sizes grabbed by designers in a mini-challenge. Stanley Hudson‘s yellow fish costume was proclaimed the best, but in my opinion it was one of the worst. Best designs so far were created by Joshua McKinley and Merline Labissiere. Candice Cuoco was sent home for her flabby dress.  Guest judge: country-singer Kacey Musgraves.

Project Runway All Stars 2018 episode 4 s06e04 best and worst designs, who was eliminated, winner

Episode 3 / Project Runway All Stars s06e03. Airdate: 01/18/2018

Designers were paired to create cohesive looks inspired by haute cuisine dishes and wine. It was a double-elimination challenge. Best designs were delivered by Ken Laurence (inspired by guinea hen duo) and Fabio Costa (inspired by pinot noir). Worst looks came from Melissa Fleis (inspired by citrus cured hamachi) and Ari South (inspired by chablis). Melissa and Ari didn’t impress the panel and were told «goodbye». Guest judge: pop culture legend Whoopi Goldberg. Watch the full runway video here: click!

Project Runway All Stars 2018 best and worst designs, who was eliminated, winner
Episode 2 / Project Runway All Stars s06e02. Airdate: 01/11/2018

Challenge was to create a post-apocalyptic look using at least two distress techniques. Anthony Williams created the best design for the runway. Kelly Dempsey was sent home for over-accessorizing and her mesh-on-fishnets idea. Guest judge: actress Danielle Brooks. Watch the full runway video here: click!

Project Runway All Stars season 6 episode 2 winner, best and worst design, who got eliminated
Episode 1 / Project Runway All Stars s06e01. Airdate: 01/04/2018

16 designers were divided into 2 groups: Rookies and Veterans. Rookies are the ones who participated only in original Lifetime-show «Project Runway» and didn’t win: Kelly Dempsey, Kimberly Goldson, Stanley Hudson, Char Glover, Amanda Valentine, Merline Labissiere, Candice Cuoco, Edmond Newton. Veterans are the designers who participated but didn’t win in both Lifetime-shows — original «Project Runway» and it’s spin-off «Project Runway All Stars»: Carlos Casanova, Anthony Williams, Ari South, Joshua McKinley, Melissa Fleis, Fabio Costa, Ken Laurence, Helen Castillo. Team challenge was to create cohesive spring (Veterans) and autumn (Rookies) collections.  Merline Labissiere was the winner with her architectural design, while Carlos Casanova could not convince the judges and went home first. Guest judge:  former Project Runway «Veteran» Michael Castello. Watch the full runway video here: click!

Project Runway All Stars season 6 episode 1 winner, best and worst design, who got eliminated

Project Runway All Stars 6 — designers, host, judges, mentor

There are 16 designers in the competition: Carlos Casanova, Helen Castillo, Fabio Costa, Candice Cuoco, Kelly Dempsey, Melissa Fleis, Char Glover, Kimberly Goldson, Stanley Hudson, Merline Labissiere, Ken Laurence, Joshua McKinley, Edmond Newton, Ari South, Amanda Valentine, Anthony Williams.

Show is hosted by actress Alyssa Milano

Judges: Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi

Mentor: Anne Fulenwider

List of guest judges: Danielle Brooks, Michael Costello, Olivia Culpo, Dita Von Teese, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nina Garcia, Whoopi Goldberg, Karolina Kurkova, Rebecca Minkoff, Kacey Musgraves, Kelly Osbourne, Rosie Perez, Zac Posen, RuPaul, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Opinion about the show

Frankly speaking, I don’t understand why these people are given a second or even third chance to be in the competition. They still are not able to make a fashionable and polished look. Let’s be real: these «designers» are delusional about their talents. They had been casted as a crowd scene, not as the winners. I mean «All Stars» is kind of a search for the best designer among the worst ones. Sounds crazy, but it is what it is. My eyes are bleeding for months after looking at those poorly executed pieces of fabric in HD.

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