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The Four Battle for stardom final, winner, contestants singers

«The Four» is a singing-competition show running from 4th of January 2018 on FOX channel. It is based on israeli format «The Final Four». Concept of the programme is that many artists are competing to make it to the final four of the 6-episodes long season and win a recording contract. There are four slots (seats) in the finale and in each episode the one who currently holds the seat must be ready to defend it in a music challenge. First of all, newcomers must prove to the judges by their performance that they are good enough to fight for the seat. If the new contestant gets four blue rings («yeses») from the judges, then (s)he may choose one of the four competitors with unlocked seats. Music challenges between contestants are jugded by live audience — they vote for the winner on a special «The Four» micro-site. So, basically it’s an audition show where one must showcase all what (s)he has at it’s best. The trick is that noone is safe till the very end of the show. «The Four. Battle for Stardom» new episodes premiere every Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

The Four on FOX Season 2

Right after finale of The Four, audition for season two was announced.

The Four. Battle for Stardom — recaps of episodes

Sixth episode / s01e06 / The Final
Aired: 8th of February 2018. Panelist Charlie Walk was cancelled due to sexual harrassment accusations.

The Four Fox finalists: Candice Boyd. Evvie McKinney, Zhavia, Vincint Cannady

After all finalists performed their songs, two challenges took place: Evvie McKinney vs. Zhavia and Candice Boyd vs. Vincint Cannady. Zhavia lost to Evvie and Vincint to Candice.

The Four Fox Final challenge Evvie McKinney and Candice Boyd

Final challenge was between Evvie McKinney and Candice Boyd.

Evvie McKinney winner of The Four on FOX

Evvie McKinney was announced as the winner of The Four.

Fifth episode / s01e05
Aired: 1st of February 2018. First part of the episode was about challenges between members of The Four and newcomers. Jason Warrior and Kendyle Paige lost their seats to Vincint Cannady and Evvie McKinney respectively. In the second part 4 former contestants came back to fight for the spot in the finale: Zhavia, Saeed Renaud, Ash Minor and Candice Boyd. After 2 challenges (Saeed Renaud vs. Candice Boyd and Ash Minor vs. Zhavia), Candice Boyd and Zhavia were back in the competition, beating Nick Harrison and Tim Johnson Jr. So, the finalist of The Four are: Candice Boyd, ZhaviaEvvie McKinney and Vincint Cannady.

The Four Battle for Stardom Finalists Candice Boyd, Zhavia, Evvie McKinney, Vincint Cannady

Fourth episode / s01e04
Aired: 25th of January 2018. New members of The Four: Nick Harrison who took Rell Jerv’s spot and Kendyle Paige who defeated Zhavia in a challenge. Other artists who tried hard but couldn’t make it were: Nicolina, Ravaughn, Edi Callier and Josh Wyper. Final Four after the 4th episode: Nick HarrisonTim Johnson JrKendyle Paige and Jason Warrior.

Third episode / s01e03
Aired: 18th of January 2018.  All winning contestants from the previous e[isode had challenges with newcomers and only Jason Warrior and Zhavia survived. Cheyenne Elliott lost her seat to Rell Jerv and Tim Johnson Jr took Candice Boyd’s place in the competition. Sean Cavaliere, Jefferson Clay and Nicole Boggs were not good enough that evening. Final Four after 3rd episode: Rell Jerv, Tim Johnson Jr, Zhavia and Jason Warrior.

Second episode / s01e02
Aired: 11th of January. In this episode 3 of 4 members of «The Four» lost their seats to newcomers. Ash Minor was defeated by Candice Boyd, Lex Lu was thrown away by Cheyenne Elliott and Saeed Renaud could not compete with Jason Warrior. Other artists who tried their best to make it to the final four with no effect: Stevie Brock, Cocoa Sarai and Kayla Ember. Final Four after the 2nd episode: Cheyenne ElliottCandice Boyd, ZhaviaJason Warrior.

First episode / s01e01

Aired: 4th of January 2018. Four pre-selected contestants were: Lex Lu, Ash MinorElanese Lansen and Blair Perkins. They performed «Can’t stop the feeling». By the end of the first episode Elanese Lansen was replaced by Zhavia and Blair Perkins was replaced by Saeed Renaud. Lex Lu defended her seat in a battle with Illakriss, while Ash Minor was not selected for the challenges. Artists who could not make it to the second round: Tyler Griffin, Anthony Hill and Valentina Cytrynowicz (they got one or more red circles from the panelists). Final Four after the 1st episode: Lex Lu, Ash Minor, ZhaviaSaeed Renaud.

The Four. Battle for Stardom — judges and host

The Four Battle for Stardom judge panel Charlie Walk, Meghan Trainor, Sean Diddy Combs, DJ Khaled

Judge panel of «The Four» includes 4 professionals from music industry: Charlie Walk (record executive), Meghan Trainor (singer and songwriter), Sean «Diddy» Combs (rap artist formerly known as «Puff Daddy») and DJ Khaled (music producer and hit-maker).

The Four Battle for Stardom Fergie

«The Four» is hosted by pop-star Fergie.

Other versions

Original format «The final Four» came from Israel. Firstly it was adapted by russian tv-channel «STS» under the title «Uspekh» («Success»), aired in the end of 2017 and consisted of 8 episodes. Winner of the russian version was Iv Nabiyev.

Opinion about the show

Personally, I’m not really liking «The Four. Battle for Stardom» for several reasons: 1. there’s a  very little diversity in music styles and looks of the «challengers». White people are not really welcomed down there; 2. Fergie’s vocabulary is very limited and she’s screaming like a preacher who just saw the «light of God»; 3. Judges are overreacting, except for Meghan Trainor. They sound so fake, I just can’t. I’ll give it only 3 of 5 stars. All performances and challenges are available on youtube: link

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