Vologda trip: Summary

So I was back home from Vologda last Monday, and now I’m ready to do a summary. Every other day of my «adventurous» trip is described in my russian blog, here I’ll make a short summary.

First of all, I’ve been to Vologda few years ago, when I was visiting a friend of mine, who lives in Cherepovets. That was a summer time, warm and sunny, and we travelled by car. This time around it was a business trip, winter and extremely cold, though sunny. I’ve spent 7 days in Vologda, and 5 of it I had no chance to explore the city, since it was dark when we were starting our work and getting dark again when we were finished. I went sightseeing on Saturday mainly, and I’ve visited the Lace Museum, different exhibitions. I must say I was pleased by what I saw, there was no disappointment. I bought some souvenirs for my colleagues, myself and for those whom I’m gonna give it to.

All the pics I’ve made during my trip are on my facebook page here: Vologda trip (23.01.2012-29.01.2012)

And here’s a small video shot on the Kremlin square in Vologda. Don’t be surprised, Kremlin exists not only in Moscow, but in many old russian cities.

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